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Solar Energy Case Study

Mr & Mrs┬áSmith 2.38kWp RoofMounted System Mr and Mrs Smith moved into their house which needed full renovation. The couple were determined to seek out a more sustainable energy source as the house had electric heating. “We did consider switching to gas,” says Mrs Smith, “but gas is a finite resource, whereas sunlight is infinite. With a south facing roof, solar panels were the obvious choice. We also qualified for the Feed in Tariff that was to be launched in April 2016. Now we not only enjoy using our renewable…

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Energy Efficient Solar 

The best solar technology for your home

Solar energy is energy that is produced by the sun – this can be generated through a number of ways to make it into a usable source of energy for your home – electricity and heat. The most common and popular types of solar technology are below: Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV) These panels are placed on top of a building which uses solar energy to generate electricity. The semiconductors in PV panels are made from silicon, making it a good substance to convert the sun into electricity. ┬áSolar Thermal Panels…

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