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Energy Efficient Insulation 

Grants To Improve Your Energy Efficiency at Home

Insulation is highly effective in keeping your home energy efficient, so if you haven’t got it installed in your home, why not?

If your home isn’t insulated up to the recommended depth, you could be just throwing money away, by constantly losing energy; there are many ways to save money on your bills.

By carrying out simple energy saving measures, it can make such a difference to your fuel bills and can make your house much more energy efficient.

It is also recognised that as well as keeping your house warming in the winter, having the correct level of loft insulation will keep your home cooler in the summer! So you will benefit all year round.

Most of us have some level of insulation in our lofts, but how do you measure up? If your insulation measures less than 270mm you need to get this redone as this is not a sufficient amount.

Government grants

Many insulations companies funded offer government backed schemes for loft insulation or cavity wall insulation. However, they are typically on a first come, first serve bases as there is a limited amount of funding. Call 07516 391 430 for more information.


The other benefits from insulation

For all of those people who have a successful installation, you will also get a free EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).

If you own a home, buying or selling, getting an energy performance survey and certificate could make this process a whole lot easier – it also helps identify save money on your energy bills.

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