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Energy Efficient 

How to reduce energy usage

Energy usage can vary from time to time, especially as the seasons are changing. In the winter energy usage is known to go up a considerable amount, but there are ways to reduce it down.

The most important is below:

Properly insulating the property

Insulation is one of the most cost effective ways of keeping those energy bills down.

Strangely enough, many homes aren’t insulated properly, so further work needs to be done. Without proper insulation it means you can feel that draft every now and again – when all you want to do at home is stay warm and cosy.

During the summer months, insulation keeps the house cool and the opposite in winter.

Insulating your property can reduce energy bills by 40%.

ELC Roofing LTD offers insulation services as well as many other services that will help your property.  They are local to us in Suffolk.

Below are some smaller improvements that can be made to reduce energy bills and usage.

  • Try and shower rather than bathing
  • Only use radiators in rooms that you are using
  • Try to only keep your heating temperature at 21 degrees
  • Shut fridge and freezer doors and don’t leave open
  • Don’t wash clothes any higher than a temperature of 30 degrees
  • Energy efficient light bulbs only
  • If not using an electrical device, unplug it or turn the switch off


These changes can reduce the EPC rating once it gets renewed after the 10 year date.


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