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Solar PV on Buildings

This is by far the simplest and quickest solution to go for and provided your roof space fits the conditions required it will turn “dead” space into a regular steady income for 25 years.

Practical Requirements for solar on commercial roofs

  • South facing roof – This can be off south but not east or west facing and the angle of the roof will work with the steeper the pitch the better.
  • Not in an area of outstanding natural beauty or conservation area – this is due to these roofs requiring planning permission which may be expensive and difficult to achieve
  • No Asbestos (roofs post 1999 will not be) due to health and safety issues
  • Three phase power on site – The size of the lines into your property can affect the size of installation you can invest in
  • We have solutions for all kinds of roof type, including corrugated roofs, slate or tiled roofs, sealed roofs which require no penetration and many more

Most commercial buildings will have most of these requirements and if you intend to go started quickly then this option is definitely the better choice as the timeframe can be a matter of weeks from start to finish

As with both kinds of array, remember if you use power the more you can save by using the units. If you can switch your electrical use pattern to the solar yield you will derive bigger savings on top of your feed in tariff income.

If you have roofs and wish to invest yourselves or discuss our funded option please call us and we can talk you through the options and arrange a free site survey.

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